The State of Texas requires students to pass 5 STAAR End-of-Course test in order to graduate. The tests are given at the end of each course. Students who do not pass the tests will retest until a passing score is achieved. The tests required for graduation are:

English 1 (Grade 9)
Algebra 1 (Grade 9)
Biology (Grade 9 or 10)
English 2 (Grade 10)
US History (Grade 10 or 11)

Testing dates for the 2018-2019 academic year is as follows:

      Date                                                                             High School

Dec. 3-7STAAR EOC Retests
Dec. 3 (Mon.)Eng. I Retest
Dec. 4 (Tues.) Algebra 1, Biology, and US History Retests
Dec. 5 (Wed.)Eng. II Retest
Dec. 6 (Thurs.) Retest Make-ups
Feb. 26- April 6TELPAS(ESL students only)
April 9 (Tues.)Eng. I
April 11 (Thurs.)Eng. II
May 7 (Tues.)Alg. 1, US History
May 8 (Wed.)Biology
May 9 (Thurs.)Make-ups
May 14 (Tues.) English 3
May 15 (Wed.) Alg. 2
June 24-28 (Testing Days TBA)STAAR EOC Retest for Biology, Algebra I, and U.S. History
June 24 (Mon.)Eng. I Retest
June 25 (Wed.)Eng. II Retest