School Board

The Woodville I. S. D. Board of Trustees usually meets on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Meetings are held in the boardroom inside the Administration Building at
505 N. Charlton St. Woodville, Texas.

​Board of Trustees

Tony Castillo, President
Jimmy Tucker, Vice-Pres.
Brett Smith, Secretary
Trey Allison, Member
Josh McClure, Member
Richard Shaw Jr., Member
John Wilson, Member

If you would like to provide input to a board member or you have a question or concern, you may email them individually by clicking on their name.  To contact the entire Woodville I. S. D. Board of Trustees, click on the title "Board of Trustees". 

Board Meetings & Agendas

Notice of Board Meetings and Board Agendas may be viewed online at the link below:


Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Links to required posting of disclosure statements by vendors and school board members of Woodville ISD that are periodically posted on the web site can be found below.

Conflict of Interest

Board Policy

Schools operate under policy prescribed by a combination of federal and state law, State Board of Education rules, and other legal guidelines.  Woodville I. S. D. 's board policy manual may be accessed at the link below.

Policy on Line