The Woodville ISD Athletic Department will be utilizing a new online platform to submit all required athletic participation forms. to be eligible to participate in any sport, students must be registered at the link below:

WOODVILLE ISD Medical and UIL Packet 

The online registration process requires a signature by a parent and the student.  In addition, a paper copy of the Physical and Medical History form is required for each participant every year.  Any questions related to registration or the required forms may be directed to Ronald Davis, WISD Athletic Trainer at (409) 331-3451.

2018-2019 Woodville eagle football ticket prices

Varsity Games are -

     Adult:  $6.00   Student:  $3.00

All Sub Varsity Games are -

     $3.00 for Adults and Students



Ty Robinson


(409) 283-5608


Troy Carrell


(409) 331-3450



(409) 331-3451

Access to Medical & UIL Packet

Dear Athletes and Parents:

We, the coaches at Woodville High School, consider it an honor and a privilege to work with the young people of our community. Our objective is that when our kids leave the program they will be better players, but more importantly that they will be better people! We hope to teach them values that will last them a lifetime. To do this, the same message they get here must be reinforced at home.

Our number one rule is for our student athletes to be good people. They must be polite, respectful, ambitious, unselfish, sacrificing, have a positive attitude, be punctual, and love their school, peers, and teachers. As you can see we expect a lot from our players. They are Eagles twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, not for just one hour a day.

To develop a championship team our players must be totally committed and dependable. Commitment is a full time, not a part time job. We expect our players to go the extra mile to be champions. They must also be dependable. This means they should pass all classes every six weeks. They should attend every practice and if they must miss they should notify the Head Coach in advance.

Building a team attitude is difficult and everyone must do his/her part. When our players are working out, we have two rules. We expect our players to work full speed and to do it right. Anything else will not be acceptable.

Do something worthwhile with your life, have great expectations. Anticipate having a great day, a great practice, a great season, and a great life.