At-Home Learning

Beginning the week of April 20, 2020, assignments will be made available at the links below.  In addition, this page will be an ever-changing source of information and resources as we continue to maneuver through this crisis. Please check back often as the district is committed to helping our staff, students and community stay as informed as possible.

Assignments for April 20th - May 5th

Elementary School

Pre K    Kindergarten    1st Grade   1st Grade Week 6 & 7       2nd Grade      2nd Grade Week 6 & 7
Mrs. Barnes-1st Grade    Mrs. Barnes- 2nd Grade    
                    Mrs. Wiggins Level 1 Book     Mrs. Wiggins Level 2 Book    Mrs. Wiggins Level 3 Book                                   Mrs. Wiggins Assignments 

Intermediate School   

3rd Grade    4th Grade    5th Grade
         Mrs. Barth-Level 1  Mrs. Barth-Level 2  Mrs. Barth-Level 3  
                             Mrs. Ashen-Level 1  Mrs. Ashen-Level 2                            

Middle School

6th Grade   6th Grade Math #3   7th Grade     8th Grade
MS Band    MS Art    MS Home Ec   Teen Leadership
                Mrs. Walsh-Level 1  Mrs. Walsh-Level 2            Mrs. Scott-6th Grade  Mrs. Scott-7th Grade                  Watts-McMillian-6th Grade   Watts-McMillian-7th Grade   Watts-McMillian-8th Grade
Mrs. Mitcham

High School

Physics       IPC       Medical Microbiology     Theatre      Art      Chemistry      Professional Communications
Audio Video Production      Yearbook      Economics      Government      Algebra 1     Principals of Education
Dollars & Sense   Business English    Health Science    Biology    US History    Principals of Ag
 Floral & Advanced Floral    Horticulture   AP Calculus    Geometry    Financial Math
Algebraic Reasoning    Junior English   Senior English    Welding  Wildlife   Construction
World Geography   PreAP World Geography   Spanish 1   Spanish 2   Spanish 3    Principals of Law
Instructional Practices   Dual Credit History  English 1  English 2  English 2 PreAP  Environmental Science
Anatomy and Physiology    PreCal&Algebra 2  Outdoor Adventures   Algebra 1-Resource
Mrs. Alexander-Level 1   Mrs. Alexander-Level 2   Mrs. Alexander-Extension Activity
Mrs. Mitcham's Class