Woodville School Song 

Hail, Woodville High School! 

Hats off to you. 

Ever you’ll find us loyal and true.

Firm and undaunted always we’ll Be. 

Here’s to the school we love; 

Here’s a toast to thee.

Our District’s Mission Statement 

The mission of Woodville ISD as the public education provider for our community is to ensure quality foundational education skills through excellent instruction in a positive learning environment that will maximize each student's potential. 

Our School’s Mission Statement 

The mission of Woodville High School in partnership with parents and community is to provide ALL students equal educational opportunities, and to empower them to be responsible citizens by instilling a sense of accountability, through teaching the values of self-worth, responsible citizenship, and respect for authority. 

Our School’s Action Statement

The Staff of WHS will promote and encourage student success through: • quality student engagement in the classroom • building positive relationships with students, parents, and community members • modeling behaviors that we expect to see in our students 

District’s Jurisdiction 

The Woodville Independent School District has authority and control over its students during the regular school day and while going to and from school on district transportation. This jurisdiction includes any activity during the school day on school grounds, attendance at any school-related activity, regardless of time and location, and any school-related misconduct, regardless of time and location.