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      May 2016  
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     The mission of Woodville ISD as the public education provider for our community is to ensure quality foundational education skills through excellent instruction in a positive learning environment that will maximize each student's potential. Woodville ISD provides the educational facilities and resources to meet the needs of approximately 1,400 students on four campuses. Woodville ISD is classified as a 3A UIL district. The Board, administration, staff and community are committed to upholding a tradition of excellence and constantly work to improve student achievement in the classroom and in extra-curricular endeavors. Woodville is the county seat of Tyler County located in the heart of the Big Thicket area of Southeast Texas. The natural beauty of the area, the many recreational opportunities, as well as the excellent school system, make Woodville an ideal community for families.

    Woodville ISD Campuses

    • Wheat Elementary School

    • Phone: 409-283-2452
    • Fax: 409-331-3409
    • Woodville Intermediate School

    • Phone: 409-283-2549
    • Fax: 409-331-3412
    • Woodville Middle School

    • Phone: 409-283-7109
    • Fax: 409-331-3418
    • Woodville High School

    • Phone: 409-283-3714
    • Fax: 409-331-3427