Our New System is Live! Download The New App!

Our new system is live! This new system is part of a software platform that will enable us to share information and manage school communications much easier and more efficiently.   Information and alerts can be sent via the notification system, our redesigned website, district and campus social media accounts (facebook and twitter), and our new Woodville ISD app, all at the same time using the same software.  

Staff and parents will continue to be notified of important information by text and/or voice call, but the app will make the same information available to anyone who would like to stay informed.  You can choose whether you receive district level alerts or which, if any, campuses you receive notifications from or just use it to browse sports schedules, lunch menus, and information. 

The final portion of the transition is complete.  The new website has replaced the old one,  alerts and notifications will come from the new system.  Feel free to share this information and encourage anyone you know who'd like to stay up-to-date on school news and information to download the app.